Web Design

Web Design Services from Chandos Media

Build an online profile for real business gains with our expertise in creating, maintaining and improving websites. We pride ourselves on giving clear advice with no jargon, along with our guiding principle of going the extra mile for you, the client.

WebSite Development

Effective website development requires planning and careful implementation, from the navigation system to high-quality graphics and effective copy. Chandos Media can support your business by ensuring every aspect of the process is aimed towards a professional outcome, representative of your company values.

WebSite Maintenance

Dealing with the technical issues and ensuring that your site is always functional, easy to use, and accessible to customers and staff alike, Chandos Media can help you implement both technology and processes to make keeping your web presence up to date easy and efficient.

Website Assessment

By providing a valuable, objective insight into how your website represents your business and how effective it may be in meeting your online objectives, Chandos Media can make practical suggestions to help improve your website, working towards the return on investment you expect.

Website Promotion

Helping to raise company profile is a key objective of any businesses website, and Chandos Media’s website promotion services can ensure yours is working as hard as it can with our search engine optimisation and submission services.

Website Hosting

Choosing a hosting provider can be a confusing process. There are a multitude of providers with a wide range of prices and packages. Chandos Media has a great deal of experience with the more frustrating elements of hosting on behalf of our clients, from unexplained downtime to unhelpful or inadequate customer service. To counter this, Chandos Media now offers hosting services, helping to remove these frustrations whilst offering you a cost effective and reliable provision of email and website availability.