We provide a great range of services here at Chandos Media Limited, all of our skills are used to provide our customers with peace of mind and a product which will enhance their industry profile, improve operational efficiency and achieve greater profitability.

Our services can be split into two key areas:

Web Design

Web Design:

Build an online profile for real business gains with our expertise in creating, maintaining and improving websites. We pride ourselves on giving clear advice with no jargon, along with our guiding principle of going the extra mile for you, the client.

Web Design Services include the following:

  • WebSite Development
  • WebSite Maintenance
  • Website Assessment
  • Website Promotion
  • Website Hosting

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IT Computer support in Bristol

IT & Computer Support:

The more technical aspects of providing your home or office with the IT infrastructure and equipment needed can be a confusing and time-consuming business. Chandos Media’s jargon-free, highly flexible IT services can support you in a number of ways, implementing processes, technology and software to help you to help yourself.

IT Services include the following:

  • Broadband and Network Installation and Support
  • Anti-virus and Spyware Solutions
  • PC Building
  • Hardware and Software Support
  • Security Advice and Support
  • Backup Solutions

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