IT Services

IT Services from Chandos Media

The more technical aspects of providing your home or office with the IT infrastructure and equipment needed can be a confusing and time-consuming business. Chandos Media’s jargon-free, highly flexible IT services can support you in a number of ways, implementing processes, technology and software to help you to help yourself.

Broadband and Network Installation and Support

Offering you the flexibility of sharing an internet connection and files between a number of computers on your premises, Chandos Media offer a comprehensive broadband and/or network installation service. From helping you decide which provider best suits your needs to getting you up and running, we can offer a much or as little help as needed.

Anti-virus and Spyware Solutions

Viruses and spyware have become the bane of every computer users life, the risk of infection higher than ever. Chandos Media can install cost-effective software, and help you to use it to best effect in protecting your hardware and data, avoiding unnecessary and harmful ‘infections’.

PC Building

A well-built PC that is designed to meet your exact requirements is a great advantage to any computer user. A speciality of Chandos Media, we can offer advice on your hardware needs, complete upgrade work or build a complete PC -even one that looks really different, such as like a car.

Hardware and Software Support

Any software or hardware problems can have a major impact on your productivity and the enjoyment of your computer. We can be there to quickly fix any problems that occur, identifying the problem and helping you to avoid it in the future. Chandos Media are keen to accommodate your schedule by agreeing fixed times for appointments and attending your home or business as necessary.

Security Advice and Support

Security of data and internal networks is more important now than ever, especially where wireless networks are used. With preventative measures and security advice along with firewall installation Chandos Media can help you remove this risk.

Backup Solutions

Chandos Media can help you to devise a backup routine that is easily maintained and provides the peace of mind you need, whether it is for your business or personal use.